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Property construction & Sale


The «home» as a complete life experience

We envisioned the house in the perfect form, that is not just a building, but our "home", a complete life experience.

We gathered a top team with the best architects, designers and specialized professionals in the construction fieldsite, the construction and property management.

We chose one of the most beautiful, accessible and safest islands in the Aegean, Thasos. Inspired by the rich history, the myths that surround it and the magnificent natural landscape.

We perceived one-of-a-kind villas, adhering to the highest construction standards reflecting the dreams of each client separately and they are ideal for stays all year round.

We invested in a whole philosophy of life, providing all inclusive services that transform the new home of every owner in a  true haven away from everyday life, but in a really profitable investment that can enjoy with preferential agreements.

We gained unrivaled experience and expertise, which we continue to implement in all our work on Thassos and other developing regions of Greece.

If you are looking for your dream home in the Aegean or you are interested in our projects as an investor, please feel free to contact us.

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