Holiday homes for sale on Thasos.
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Property Construction & Sale

Real Estate on the Island of Thasos

Affordable prices bringing luxury within your range

Novalis Terra has chosen one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands as the location for developments built to the highest aesthetic standards, with homes distinguished for their superb quality and efficiency.

The many advantages of the location, and the natural beauty of the setting, were key elements in the choice of site for a project on such an ambitious scale.
Inspired by the natural beauty of the location, it was not difficult to design homes that would harmonize perfectly with the Thasos landscape, planned to convey a sense of natural tranquillity in a fairy-tale setting. And if the description you are reading suggests a sense of wealth and opulence accessible only to the few, think again! The affordable prices will disabuse you of any such notion. We are in a position to offer real bargains – all you have to do is take advantage of them.

However, the contribution of Novalis Terra is not confined to the construction and sale of properties. We also offer a range of accompanying services to complete the concept of a different lifestyle.

Specifically, the company will provide solutions to all sorts of everyday problems, helping to make your stay in your country home even more relaxing and enjoyable. We can provide help with cleaning services, the design and maintenance of your garden, child care facilities and much more.

And if you have a property you wish to rent out, we have the expertise in real estate to solve your problems and take care on your behalf of all the tedious and time-consuming procedures involved.

Relax and enjoy your life – enjoy the Thasos experience with the help of Novalis Terra.