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Our Expert point of view on current Luxury Real Estate Trends

Luxury is…

Up until the recent days, luxury had a lot to do with high price, branded names and crafted work. Nowadays, in times when everything is about individuality, self-care, and personalization, things seem to have changed. In 2019, luxury can take different meanings to different people, affecting all sectors and consumer trends.

In Luxury Real Estate many things remain as usual but many others change in accordance with general luxury consumer trends. People still need quality, comfort, innovation and that extra feature or features that will add value to their experience. But all of these have to now comply with the new owners’ demands. 

What are the main trends in the market that will make the seller stand out?


Wellness is a huge issue in 2019 and, as it appears, it will continue to be in the years ahead. Tranquility and things that are good for the body and mind are a real concern for the modern citizen. We actively seek for activities and objects that promote a better physical and mental health, like yoga, spa retreats, spiritual activities etc. 

We also, now more than ever, need to create and take some quality time off all the things that we do daily, which consume our attention, peace of mind and time with our family and friends. Wellbeing is a very hot topic in the Real Estate market, since people now actively try to live a better life. 

Carefree life in Thassos

High-End Amenities

All of the activity and concern about the mind, doesn’t of course cancel the amenities that the Luxury Real Estate buyers still demand. 

Upscale design, high-end technology, smart privacy, special guest rooms, picturesque bathrooms, swimming pools, jacuzzi areas, art creation rooms, private sport courts, private gardens, spectacular views etc are not a thing of the past. In fact, they are now absolutely necessary.

Being relevant is the winning secret here. Sellers need to customize the amenities they offer based on the desires and habits of each individual customer. To be successful, the Luxury Real Estate professionals need to add a great amount of – relevant – value to their client.

Olion Villa Thassos Island

Hospitality Services

Not having to worry about anything is a great value-adding element to the winning mix in Luxury Real Estate in 2019. Five-Star hotel services in the privacy and warmth of owners’ home offer the ultimate luxury experience. 

Do they need a last-minute baby sitter for your night out? Do they fancy having salmon with maple and pink pepper right after they night out? They should have it! 

concierge services Thassos

Personalization and tailored services win in Luxury

When it comes to Luxury Real Estate you’ve got to see your product and you’ve got to see the buyer, and then match the two perfectly. What are the owner’s needs? Why do they wish to buy your product? What makes your offering unique? 

Taking Luxury Real Estate on Greek Islands as an example, the key is to focus on the experience. Buyers need a “home away from home” but not just this: they need the Greek Sun, the Greek Sea, the Mediterranean lifestyle, the legendary Greek Philoxenia. 

After you gather all of this into a product, you’ve got to narrow it down even further by making it fit exactly to each owner and tailor it to their particular needs and wishes with custom amenities and hotel services. And of course you need to invest in personal relationships with the owner. This particular extra is what really makes the difference. 

luxury real estate Greece
Legea Luxury Residenced Sunset VIew

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