Anastasia Ilantzi

CEO, Founder

NovalisTerra means new land in the context of a new way of life. Innovation to reach excellence is what we are after. Our approach is aiming to deliver services that are one of its kind, a welcoming experience that's unique each time. High quality in construction along with architectural harmony and precise attention to detail are our standards that can ensure your investment to flourish. Beautiful homes require a team that aims high and is willing to exceed expectations. Working with us means that you are part of the team on that journey of co-creation. The result is a demonstration of our philosophy about another way of life - more carefree - secure, in touch with nature delighting all the senses.

A heaven on earth where you can escape-relax-feel-live! A place which you can proudly call your home! That's a dream worth falling in love. And we truly commit ourselves to make that dream come true. Let us guide you your way home.



everyday life to a place you can proudly call home!

At NOVALIS TERRA we aim to consistently deliver to the highest possible standards. Every project we implement, from the downtown apartment to the luxurious villa by the sea, comes with the NOVALIS TERRA stamp of approval.
It’s our integrity and transparent policy that allowed us to become who we are today.


and let us help you decide for every last detail to fully equip the home that perfectly matches your vision.

NOVALIS TERRA will guide you through each step to your turnkey project. We carry out all tasks with our own workforce of experts and manage the whole project efficiently throughout the construction.


unique by enjoying the luxury, high aesthetics and privacy of your new residency.

High construction standards, modern architecture, environmentally friendly practices and commitment to perfection, characterize every NOVALIS TERRA project.
Partner with us and be sure that your ideal home will not only be a private oasis but also a high profitable investment.


a carefree life with our custom property management services.

The dedication to our customers makes us stand out from the competition. NOVALIS TERRA team is awarded with an Honorary Distinction at the National Customer Service Awards! Α great honor for us and a huge motivation to continue to provide unique customer services to our clients.
We consider our properties not the end product, but the means to a Great Life!

Escape. Relax. Feel. Live

Your Way