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Novalis Terra: the past and the future

Novalis Terra properties in Thassos

Novalis Terra: the past and the future

Just very recently we celebrated our 10th anniversary here at Novalis Terra. 

We made nothing fancy for it, no big celebrations. This kind of stuff never really suited our style. 

But it was a really great day for us, one that was full of contemplation and positive feelings for what we have achieved and what the future is bringing. And it was a good opportunity to make big plans for a new era that’s just started. 

Over these 10 years, we’ve done a billion small things that make us proud and we could not possibly write them all here. 


Here’s an outline of the big picture:

We ‘ve formed an amazing team that is constantly growing. 

And this is truly fascinating because our people are our greatest asset. 

We started with a handful of people, who shared the idea of a Great Life with us, based on the main principals of the traditional Greek and Mediterranean lifestyle.

This team quickly grew to be now comprised of a big array of experienced professionals, like architects, designers, marketers and experts in the construction and property management fields. 

We also developed a global network of partners with the aim to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively.


We created an innovative product that changed the game in the estate and tourism markets 

Novalis Terra was of the first in Greece to introduce an innovative product that combined the real estate market with hospitality and concierge services.

Our aim was to give everyone the means to a Great Life, a life that is exactly like in their dreams. 

Life in Olion Villas - Thassos Island, Greece

And we’ve come a long way to achieving this goal, while we are still evolving towards it.  


Olion Villas Phase 2

Olion Villas was the flagship housing project for all our next ones, and even for our entire philosophy. 

It grew and matured along with us. 

It became a great success and raised the standards in the real estate market of Thassos Island. 

In 2017, Phase 2 of the Olion Villas project was completed with 2 high-end villas and it immediately became a sold-out success that gained a lot of attention from the Press. 

Olion Villas Thassos Island, Greece

But Olion did not end there. Keep reading to find out more.


Awards and recognitions 

Even though our customers’ happy faces and testimonials are the best recognition for us, in 2018 we gained some public acknowledgment too. 

Novalis Terra was awarded an Honorary Distinction at the National Customer Service Awards 2017 of Greece, in the category “Company of the Year: Customer Service!”

It was a great honor for us and a huge motivation to continue providing unique services to our clients! 

Novalis Terra: National Customer Service Awards 2017 of Greece, in the category “Company of the Year: Customer Service!”


At the same time, Olion villa AA was selected as one of the most 'loved' out of the 50,000 projects published on Archilovers in 2017


Olion villa AA was selected as one of the most 'loved' out of the 50,000 projects published on Archilovers in 2017


Our plans for the future:

Today we are looking forward to the future and what it brings for our company;

new projects and strategic partnerships in the tourism and construction sectors that aim to enrich the lives of our clients even more!


7Seas Private Villas

We are very excited about 7Seas Villas, our latest project, which has just begun! 

Located at the area of Astris, the Southern part of Thassos island, with a perfect sea and sunset view, 7Seas will be consisted of 2 villas of 120sq.m each, with private pool and 2.000sq.m of private land full of pine and olive trees.

Astris area, Thassos island Greece,  7Seas villas by the beach

The 7 most famous beaches of the island (Salonikios, Giola, Psili Ammos etc) are just a cycle away from the plot. 

7Seas villas feature exceptional interior space with 3-4 bedrooms and exquisitely designed indoor and outdoor living areas.

The concept is about creating an indulgent space for families and friends, who desire the most splendid experiences in Thassos Island.

Contact us to learn more about 7Seas. 


Legea Villas

Legea Villas is a unique project of 5 luxury residences, designed for those who love the genuine Mediterranean lifestyle and seek for tranquillity and simplicity that does not sacrifice comfort. 

They are located at Skala Kallirachi, Thassos, in a majestic setting with amazing views of the Aegean Sea, and a design that spreads an aura of bohemian luxury.


Legea Villas, Skala Kallirachi, Thassos, Greece


The design and construction conform to the highest standards and the authenticity of the island, while every little detail, from the materials and furnishings to the appliances and technical equipment, caters for the needs for privacy, ergonomics, comfort, innovation, elegance and fine luxury.

Privacy is paramount, with each villa being completely surrounded by olive trees that create a natural enclosed fence overlooking a lavish private garden.

Read more about Legea Villas here 


* Currently there is limited availability!
To discuss this opportunity, contact us here


Caeli Vilas

In Caeli Villas indoors blend harmoniously with the outdoors in every possible corner, creating spaces designed to make the most out of the year-round amazing climate of Thassos and allow for natural relaxation.

Always with the same bohemian but luxurious style and a design that allows for plenty of natural light. 


Caeli Villas, Skala Prinou, Thassos Island, Greece


Caeli villas are just a 2 minutes walk from Skala Prinos beach, so as you never stray far from the sea again!

Homesites in Caeli sea - front plot are limited!
For more details, contact us here.


OLION Villas Phase 3

Olion Villas is now a famous award-winning project and a great success of its kind. 

At Skala Rachoni, just next to the Olion Settlement, Phase 3 is now being designed in order to meet the increased demand for Olion Villas.

Olion Villas, Skala Rachoni, Thassos, Greece


High-end residences in absolute harmony with the surrounding natural environment, created to become a real paradise for their owners.

Community life is facilitated with modern amenities such as tennis and soccer fields, playgrounds, green paths, barbeque area, fruit and vegetable gardens, open cinema and much more.

Privacy is also paramount with large private gardens and pools.

Olion villas include:
➣ Spacious private gardens
➣ Fine furnishings
➣  Modern residential equipment
➣  Private swimming pools
➣  Everything you may ask is provided on demand


Like all our residences they adhere to:
➣ the highest construction standards
➣ modern architecture
➣ environmentally friendly practices
➣ commitment to perfection


Reservations for Phase 3 of the Olion Villas has started! 

Contact us for more here.  


ENNEA Appartments

ENNEA APPARTMENTS is the real estate branch of Novalis Terra founded in 2018, in order to offer our clients a unique real estate experience and great opportunities for profitable investments in the property market of Greece.

ENNEA Appartments, Real Estate branch of Novalis Terra, Thessaloniki, Greece

With a great combined experience in the construction and tourism industries, and always operating with the same customer-centric mind from our fist day, we cherry pick the best properties in North Greece and deliver them ready for personal or commercial use, that can offer you a guaranteed annual ROI.

To discover exclusive property opportunities contact us here


Special Needs Housing

In Novalis Terra we believe that no limitation or condition should be a barrier to a Great Life.  

Committed to building better lives for everyone, we included the development and construction of special needs residences in our future projects, that will offer all our clients a comfortable and welcoming home.

Contac us for more details here.  


Join us!

Looking back to our history we can only feel grateful and proud for what we have achieved and for the great lives that we have built with you, making our promises to you and to ourselves real. 

Novalis Terra Properties signing contracts

Looking forward we feel very excited for all the wonderful coming projects and the people that are constantly getting on board with us. 

Will you join us to a Great Life? 


Весь покрытый зеленью, абсолютно весь, остров Тасос на Эгейском море есть!
Невообразимое количество разнообразной зелени и красивых бухт, ласковое, изумрудное море и белоснежный песок


Ко всему этому великолепию добавить прекрасную греческую кухню из свежайших, местных продуктов и приветливых местных жителей, и тогда можно получить маленькое представление о возможностях отдыха на этом острове

Сергей р.

Εδώ υπάρχει πάντα χρόνος για όμορφες στιγμές και ζούμε την κάθε ημέρα μοναδικά. Όλα εδώ μυρίζουν αλλιώς, ακόμη και ο αέρας είναι διαφορετικός. Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται με το να νιώθει κάποιος ότι έφτασε στο σπίτι του !

Βίκυ Σ.

К нашему счастью, в этом райском уголке, мы нашли свой Эдем - жилой комплекс, посреди оливковой рощи, под названием Олион. Вот уже третий год подряд мы проводим здесь все свое свободное время


Tasos- zeleno ostrvo s mnostvom prekrasnih pescanih plaza, zaliva i uvala, s mirisom borovine i mora i sto je ne malo vazno s dobronamernim i gostoprimljivim ljudima.Kazu da je dom tamo gde je srce.

Zorana R.

Nous aimons la surveillance du bâtiment et du site, l’entretien du jardin et de la piscine, le nettoyage de la maison avant notre arrivé!Quel plaisir de vivre dans une maison où nous avons choisi les couleurs, les matériaux. Nous nous sentons chez nous, c’est unique !


Tasos- zeleno ostrvo s mnostvom prekrasnih pescanih plaza, zaliva i uvala, s mirisom borovine i mora i sto je ne malo vazno s dobronamernim i gostoprimljivim ljudima.Kazu da je dom tamo gde je srce.

Zorana R.

Wir haben diese Entscheidung nicht bereut und in der Firma Novalis Terra einen lokalen Partner gefunden, der sich durch professionelles Handeln, eine zeitnahe Umsetzung, erstklassige Qualitäten und persönlichen Charme auszeichnet. Bei Novalis Terra sind deutsche Professionalität und griechische Lebenslust praktizierte Firmenkultur.

Tulay D.
Inspection request
Golden Visa Programme


Nowadays, Greece presents unique investment opportunities through business development models that promote its competitive advantages and investment potential in various sectors of production.

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