Thassos Island

A Different Day in Thassos Island

We ‘ve been living in Thassos for well over a decade and we believe it would be safe for us to say that we have been to all the must-be places and seen all the must-see ones.

Until one day we realised that perhaps routine made us missing that magic feeling of awe and excitement that Thassos offers plentifully to its visitors, newcomers or repeaters. 

It was then when we decided we needed to have that feeling back by rediscovering our beautiful island. We wished to revisit Thassos with a fresh eye. 

So, we planned a day off which we’d use to stroll around the island like tourists and enjoy its exclusive beauty.

A day around the beaches of Thassos

There are so many things one can do and see in Thassos. Sights, such as the Ancient Theatre, Metallia, or the Palataki, Museums such as the Folklore Museum of Potamia or the Archaeological Museum at Limenas, authentic villages like Kallirachi, Rachoni and Kazaviti, breathtaking mountains like the Ipsarion and religious sights, such as the Monastery of Archangel Michael. 

But since one day can never be enough to visit all the places that make Thassos one of a kind Greek Island, we decided to focus on the one thing that we love the most: the sea. We gathered our families and a few selected friends and we started.

Below, you can read about the itinerary of our “Rediscovery Day” in Thassos, which you can use to learn more about Thassos or as a tour guide for your next visit to the Emerald Island.

Thassos Island

The tour

First, we had to decide on our transportation means. Using a car or boat or a combination of the two are the best options. We chose both. Before we started we bought the essential “equipment” for a day trip in Thassos, which are traditional pies, fresh fruits and coffee. We were now ready to go. We started very early in the day, for our best chance to enjoy our favourite beaches without the usual crowds. 

Boat trip Thassos

Paradise beach

is a real Paradise if you visit it first of the first, so this is what we did. We had the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise, like never before, next to turquoise and green waters and powdered sandy shore.

paradise beach

Arsanas beach

Next, we headed to Arsanas beach, a sea cave not easily accessible or known to the public. It is just opposite the Monastery of Arcangelos Arsanas, next to Livadi beach. It too has the famous green waters of the island, which are also quite cold and refreshing, due to the springs of the region.

paradise beach

Giola beach

is a must-see and needs no introduction, since it’s one of the most well-known spots of Thassos. We love it, so we made sure we paid it a visit during our little tour. We arrived early , so as the crowds would not spoil our state of serenity. Alternatively, you might choose to visit it in the evening to enjoy a literally unique sunset

Giola thassos

Salonikios beach

was our next stop before we headed for a late lunch - early dinner at Astris village. Salonikios is the ultimate beach for serenity. Organised with fantastic sun-beds and hammocks, sandy with crystal waters and few people in the most part of the day and summer. There is also a nice canteen where you can buy coffee, fruit juices and fruit salads, light dishes like omelettes, souvlaki and cold beer.

Salonikios Beach, Thassos

We ended that treat day off at our home island with a final stop at Astris village, where we had amazing and very fresh fish dishes, mezze and of course lots of tsipouro.

The experiment to rediscover Thassos was very successful. We supercharged our batteries, while we remembered why we wouldn’t change Thassos for any other place on earth. It filled us with memories and senses to keep us going with our routine. 

Even a small trip to Thassos could do the same for you. After you visit it, you will be filled with images and smells that you can recall whenever you need to feel serenity. Just close your eyes and see all the turquoise waters and the golden sunsets, smell the pine trees and the honey, and fill your senses with whatever Thassos means to you.

Astris, Thassos