A home away from home

The 4 things to look for when buying a home away from home

The modern world citizens love exploring and moving around the world. Resembling a refined version of the old gypsies and the Parisian Bohemians, they seek for freedom, nature, arts and cultivation of close relationships.

Cultural changes and the modern way of living have altered the way these new Bohemians wish to live. The key difference between the new Bohemians and the old is that the latter look for that “home” wherever they go, whereas the first had no home. Modern people like to have a place to call home, on top of a sense of belonging, comfort, convenience, privacy and new experiences.

They too travel a lot and they want only the best, they prefer quality over quantity. They are demanding about where they stay, what they eat, what they spend their time on. They pay attention to the details, they are only looking for the finest and they are not strangers to the good life.  

When it comes to setting up a second home abroad, the new Bohemians are eager to do so in places where they can escape “the usual’ and dedicate time to their self, the people they love and the things they love doing. As sophisticated travelers, they look for the excitement of discovering new places in comfort and privacy. They look for a home away from home.

And what precisely makes a home away from home? What will the sophisticated traveler need to pay attention to before buying a home abroad?

We think the following


A place, which combines authenticity, nature, different lifestyles, close proximity to new adventures and access to great amenities is essential.  

A home away from home should give its owners the opportunity to escape their daily routine and spend time doing what they love the most, whether that is sports, resting, family and friends get-togethers, luxury retreats or whatever else they feel like doing.

Whether you choose a place to set your home for a week, a month or a lifetime, if you fit the “new bohemian” description, location should tick all your boxes.

Thassos Island, Greece


Your home should have everything you need to ensure a comfortable and fine living. It must be beautiful with the aesthetics that make you feel nice. It should also be spacious enough, safe and equipped with everything you need to fully meet your needs. 

It must be the type of home that fits your style and needs. The options can be endless from properties within resort communities with access to amenities, such as sports courts, open cinema, fruit and vegetable gardens etc, or totally private luxury villas that spoil you with private pools, spas and master-suites. It can be one-bedroom, two-bedroom or even more, offering dazzling views, close proximity to the sea and so on.  

Generally speaking your new home abroad should be 100% tailored to your lifestyle.

Usually that means investing in a tailor-made property, which can be the ideal option for your dream home away from home.

7SEAS Villa, Salonikios Beach, Thassos


Budget is always an important factor when buying a property. It should not only be concerned with the cost of purchasing, but also with the benefits you can realize in the short and longer term. 

A home abroad can be a profitable investment of your private funds that, if made right, can bring excellent ROI. For this to happen it is crucial to search carefully for the right location that will allow you to own a valuable piece of land in a place with great potential, as well as build your property in the best rates. 

Most certainly you will need to have the right partners by your side, who will help you deal with all the complex and unknown processes, in the most facilitating and beneficial way.

A home away from home

That home-like feeling

They say that home is not a place but a feeling, and that has always been our philosophy.

The feeling of being familiar, comfortable, happy is what your home must return back to you. The feeling that here you can just relax and enjoy the things and the people you love.

For an unforgettable experience in your home abroad, look for the support of a team that will make your stay welcoming and totally carefree with personalized services.

Just like your mom would have your room clean and decorated with flowers to welcome you, stuff the house with all the goodies you love, throw a themed party and arrange all the details for you, clean the house and baby-sit for your night out, take care of the garden while you are away and so on, your support team will be your family away that will make you feel at ease.

A home away from home
Legea Luxury Residenced Sunset VIew

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What is “home” to you and what are you looking for in your home abroad? 

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