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Doing Bohemian interior design the Right Way

Bohemian style home, Thassos, Greece

The term “Bohemians” came to describe the poor Parisian artists in the 19th Century, a group that shared common characteristics with the Gypsies (“bohemians” in French). These characteristics incorporated an independent and unconventional lifestyle, disregard of wealth, love for the arts and the pursuit of relationships. Living for today and not worrying about tomorrow was a core philosophy for bohemians.

The movement of the bohemians eventually influenced many aspects in society, predominantly fashion and design.

Doing Bohemian interior design the Only right way; Your way

Bohemian style in interior design is characterised by avant-garde combinations of colours, patterns, furnishings, fabrics and objects, that create unique spaces narrating unique stories and embracing a carefree, relaxed lifestyle. While there are similar traits that characterise boho styled home interiors, no two rooms can be completely alike.

Here’s some common guides to use as a basis and enrich with your own style:

Be unusual in colour

Mix warm earth tones with saturated colours to give a welcoming sense.

Interior design in Olion Villa, Thassos, Greece
Interior design in Olion Villa, Thassos, Greece


Even though bold colours are key in bohemian style, don’t hesitate to add plenty of white if you’d like to be more minimal and free space up.

Living area bohemian style in Olion Villa, Thassos, Greece
Living area in Olion Villa, Thassos, Greece


Come closer to the earth

Blend in with nature, use natural materials and really come closer to the earth and feel it.

Master bedroom bohemian decoration in OlionVilla, Thassos, Greece
Master bedroom in OlionVilla, Thassos, Greece


Create wooden floors to walk barefoot on, put the beds and mattresses low and add lots of greenery.

Private fruit and vegetable gardens in Olio Settlement, Thassos, Greece
Private fruit and vegetable gardens in Olio Settlement, Thassos, Greece


Do consider the surroundings and the location of each building before you do any decorations. This way man and nature can co-exist in harmony, while aesthetic dissonance is avoided.

Create a welcoming feeling

Your boho style home should be filled with ambient lighting, hand-made and vintage furniture, canopies, pillows, rugs, combined patterns and ethnic elements.

 Bohemian style objects Thassos
Hand crafted furnishings and objects, Olion Villa, Thassos, Greece.


Try to give some fine texture with all your mix and match plays.

Interior design in Olion Villa, Thassos, Greece
Exterior of Olion Villa, Thassos, Greece


Give a welcoming feeling and cultivate your relationships with your loved ones in your home.

Put your original signature

Most importantly, don’t follow strict design rules. There aren’t any no-nos or contradictions, as longs as they are a part of you and they all blend beautifully to your unique mixture!

Just fill your home with all the items you love, like those great antic and flea market finds, DIY pieces, objects you collected from your travels or objects that are taking you to the places you want to travel to.

Everything that helps you express your individuality and make you feel like home can really be incorporated.

Bedroom in Olion villa, Thassos, Greece.
Bedroom in Olion villa, Thassos, Greece.


Bohemian luxury

Τhere is an infinite number of combinations and ideas to achieve the perfect boho style in your home.

In Novalis Terra we love the bohemian philosophy, which we find ideal for a home in Thassos, due to the island’s laidback Mediterranean lifestyle, the rich flora and fauna and the great sense of multiculturalism, brought by the thousands of visitors and the permanent residents that have relocated to Thassos from foreign places.

In our decorations we like to blend boho style with contemporary trends and minimalism, and add some luxury to the mixture with fine materials and the latest technological equipment. This way we create a combination that allows the owners of our residences to have everything they need for a comfortable stay at home, while also lead the carefree and alternative lifestyle they wish for, when they invest in a home in Thassos.

If you too prefer the unconventional to the mainstream and value freedom, arts and relationships, then consider the bohemian style for your home and create a space that truly reflects you. And if you would like more ideas for your dream home, do give us a shout!

Legea luxury villas Thassos
Legea Villas, Thassos, Greece.


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