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The best 6 beaches of Thassos

The 6 best beaches of Thassos

The best 6 beaches of Thassos

What is there not to love about a beach?

Well, as residents of Thassos and sea lovers, we honestly can’t find a thing.

In our last blog post we spoke about all the reasons why we as humans are naturally drawn to the water and how living by the sea can make us happy.

As locals of the Emerald Island of Greece, we have visited and discovered every little corner of this amazing place.

Here are our favorite 6 beaches in Thassos, that we believe are the best on the island:

Salonikios Beach

In the southernmost point of Thassos, Salonikios Beach is a small paradise characterized by sandy coastline and crystal clear waters.

Salonikios Beach - Thassos

It is safe for kids and ideal for those who seek for serenity and peaceful moments with friends and family.


Skala Kallirachi’s Secret bay

In Skala Kallirachis you will find a small, secluded, totally private beach located on the west side of Thassos.

It’s got its name after the near by village of Kallirachi, a traditional, laid back and very authentic Thassian village. The area is full of pine trees and olive groves offering a wonderful cool climate even during the hottest summer days.

The shore is sandy with pebbles and is a quite place, very safe for family with small kids.

Needless to say, the water is crystal clear, like it is in the entire island.

But the main reason why Skala Kallirachi’s beach is one of our favourite is the magical sunsets one can enjoy there, that every single time play with different shades of red, orange and gold and can leave you just speechless.

Scala Kallirachi beach - Thassos

Giola, lagoon.

Although as locals of Thassos we usually avoid very popular beaches (or lagoons in this case), Giola is a must-visit, even if it is just for taking one photo. Besides, you will find Giola in the list of the most famous beaches in the world!

It is in the region of Astris and it can be quite difficult to reach. However, this natural stone pool is worth all the effort you need to make in order to get to it. The waters are warmer than the rest of the sea, due to them being enclosed in the rocks.

Giola Thassos
Photo source
Author: arjenD

In fact, we think that Giola is one of the best places to visit in Greece.

Vrachos Beach

Vrachos Beach is just a few meters away from the well-known La Scala beach.

Expect to find Carribean-like, shallow waters, extraordinary white sand and a pure untouched area.

Vrachos beach is not organized, so get there with your snacks, refreshments and umbrellas. It is easy to find a parking area for your vehicle.

Definitely recommended for those who love their privacy, since it’s not very famous to the general public and it’s never packed.

Paradise Beach

There is one word to describe Paradise Beach; Paradise.

Although this one is also quite popular amongst tourists, it is a beautiful beach where turquoise and green colors prevail, with sandy shore and shoal waters.

Easy to access, safe for kids, impressively exotic, and with lots of shops offering drinks, food and everything you will need for an easy going day at the beach at Thassos.

Marble Beach

Marble Beach, or Saliara beach as it is also known, is another exotic beach of Thassos with crystal clear, turquoise waters and a sensational, totally white coast!

Its color has become white over the years thanks to the quarry that extracts marble just above the beach. Year by year the sand mixed with the marble pebbles giving this stunning result that you will not see anywhere else.

Saliara Beach Thassos

Marble Beach is a quite, secluded bay that during summer season can be very crowded, so if you prefer to be privé, try to visit it during low season.

It is mostly recommended for families and young people but basically for everyone.

Who doesn't love a...beach?

There are countless of popular and less known beaches to visit and enjoy in Thassos and the only way to discover them all is to come back to the island again and again (we guarantee you will find a new little treasure every time).

To enjoy the most popular seas of Thassos to the maximum, try to visit them until June or in September.

If this is not on your agenda, we’d advise you to visit them by the boats that cruise around the island or your private boat. This is also a good idea if you like to get the most out of your visit to all the beaches of Thassos.

As residents of Thassos we always try to find the best spots of the island and built little paradises there, for our residence owners to settle and create their own paradise.

7 seas - Beach villas in Thassos by Novalis Terra

If you are interested to learn all about the areas where we develop our new projects, feel free to contact us.

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