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4 alternative forms of tourism that investors can nail in Thassos

Thassos Island

 Thassos is one of those destinations that is offered for many forms of tourism and can satisfy all kinds of tastes. Are you more into mountains? The sea? Are you into sports or do you prefer just lying at the beach? Do you prefer a quite type of holiday or are you more out and about in bars, clubs, and restaurants? Whether you are a teenager, family, a group of friends, a younger or middle-aged couple, you can be certain that Thassos won’t disappoint you.

Located at the Northern part of the Aegean Sea and easily approachable by air, road and the sea throughout the whole year, the “Emerald Island”, as Thassos is also known, is one hidden gem in the collection of Greek Islands. Tourism has become a main source of income for its inhabitants since 1960 and has been constantly developing and improving ever after. 

ferryboat thassos

There are many forms of tourism that one can enjoy in the island, as well as invest in, such as rural tourism, seaside tourism, religious tourism, mountain tourism, festival tourism, sport tourism, cultural tourism and many more. Many of them are alternative forms of tourism that, contrary to other more mass forms, can benefit the island with perseverance of its natural resources and local customs, as well as economic growth.

Investing in an alternative, sustainable form of tourism can give great opportunities for differentiation in the tourism market and opportunities to target very specific audiences, capable of bringing great profits and development. In Thassos such forms of tourism are[1]:

Agrotourism or Rural tourism

Agrotourism Thassos

The rich flora and fauna of the island, the famous Thasian local products produce, such as honey, olives and olive oil, miracle herbs, as well as wild and rare species of animals and birds that inhabit the island, all offer amazing opportunities for investment in agrotourism, a sustainable form of tourism with great benefits for investors and the island alike.

Places like Skala Prinou, Skala Kallirachi, Skala Sotiros and many others, can be ideal for relevant ventures. One example is the traditional restaurant “Augoustos” at Theologos Village, where visitors have the opportunity to watch and take part in the produce of wine, while also celebrate the procedure with a traditional festival.

Undoubtedly, and like in every other type investment, there are difficulties to consider, which can be outpassed if studied and handled efficiently.   



Marble query Thassos

Geotourism is gaining popularity more and more in our days. It is about cultural-environmental tourism and it is found in places with important geological monuments. Travelers who prefer it, do so for the wonderful feeling of discovering the heritage of the land they are visiting and for experiencing a place’s authentic natural beauty.

Giola Thassos

 Thassos is an ideal place for investments in geotourism activities, due to its origins. Being once a part of Paggaion Mountain, its flora, fauna and geology share similar characteristics with it.

 Some parts in Thassos that offer valuable opportunities for geotourism are: 

-       The most ancient mining gallery in Europe, at Tzines, locate between Maries and Limenaria.

-       Alikes

-       Abandoned Pb-Zn mine at Vouves in Limenaria

-       Tripiti beach

-       Koupanada iron mine

-       Travertine of Kastro


Seaside tourism 

One of the most popular forms of tourism in many destinations worldwide, seaside tourism, is one of the most preferred ones in Thassos too. And how could it not be?

Beach in Thassos

Thassos has some of the most beautiful and unique beaches in Greece, with crystal clear waters and heavenly coasts.

Some of the most famous ones are Paradise Beach, Marble beach, Golden beach and many more.

[Read about the 6 best beaches in Thassos Island)



The biggest festival in the island of Thassos is the feast day of the Assumption of the Virgin, on the 15th of August, in Panagia village. But, this is not the only one.  

Numerous cultural activities and religious celebrations are taking place in the island throughout the whole of the year. Some of them are the Ancient Drama Festival that takes place in the Ancient Theatre of Limenas, the “Kazavitiana” cultural events, the “Anavrochiaris” on 31st July, when people pray and celebrate for rain and a good harvest and the “Thasos Festival”, which includes performances at the Ancient Theatre of Limenas.

Festivals Greece 

Concerts, poetry nights, painting and sculpture exhibitions hosted at Kalogeriko of Limenas, the Warehouses of Metallia in Limenaria, the Folklore Art Museum of Kallirachi, and practically in all over the island, are also taking place all the time.  

Festival tourism is a form of tourism that can flourish in Thassos, like it does in so many other places around the world.

As seen, there is a lot of potential for alternative forms of tourism to develop in Thassos, that present investors with plenty of room for growth and profitability. Thassos is a place with a unique character, physiology, nature and customs that have a lot to offer and thus the island is continuously rising in recognition and preference among world travelers.

Do you wish to be one of those who take advantage of these unique opportunities?

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Весь покрытый зеленью, абсолютно весь, остров Тасос на Эгейском море есть!
Невообразимое количество разнообразной зелени и красивых бухт, ласковое, изумрудное море и белоснежный песок


Ко всему этому великолепию добавить прекрасную греческую кухню из свежайших, местных продуктов и приветливых местных жителей, и тогда можно получить маленькое представление о возможностях отдыха на этом острове

Сергей р.

Εδώ υπάρχει πάντα χρόνος για όμορφες στιγμές και ζούμε την κάθε ημέρα μοναδικά. Όλα εδώ μυρίζουν αλλιώς, ακόμη και ο αέρας είναι διαφορετικός. Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται με το να νιώθει κάποιος ότι έφτασε στο σπίτι του !

Βίκυ Σ.

К нашему счастью, в этом райском уголке, мы нашли свой Эдем - жилой комплекс, посреди оливковой рощи, под названием Олион. Вот уже третий год подряд мы проводим здесь все свое свободное время


Tasos- zeleno ostrvo s mnostvom prekrasnih pescanih plaza, zaliva i uvala, s mirisom borovine i mora i sto je ne malo vazno s dobronamernim i gostoprimljivim ljudima.Kazu da je dom tamo gde je srce.

Zorana R.

Nous aimons la surveillance du bâtiment et du site, l’entretien du jardin et de la piscine, le nettoyage de la maison avant notre arrivé!Quel plaisir de vivre dans une maison où nous avons choisi les couleurs, les matériaux. Nous nous sentons chez nous, c’est unique !


Tasos- zeleno ostrvo s mnostvom prekrasnih pescanih plaza, zaliva i uvala, s mirisom borovine i mora i sto je ne malo vazno s dobronamernim i gostoprimljivim ljudima.Kazu da je dom tamo gde je srce.

Zorana R.

Wir haben diese Entscheidung nicht bereut und in der Firma Novalis Terra einen lokalen Partner gefunden, der sich durch professionelles Handeln, eine zeitnahe Umsetzung, erstklassige Qualitäten und persönlichen Charme auszeichnet. Bei Novalis Terra sind deutsche Professionalität und griechische Lebenslust praktizierte Firmenkultur.

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