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All the details and news about our villas,  our homeplace, tourism and real estate investing, and Thassos lifestyle. Search through our blog and let us update you in all that take place in our evergreen island in the Aegean.


One day in Olion villas

Olion villas settlement has been conceived and developed for those who love exploring and create their own treasures and precious moments in the life! Especially those who define “treasure” as a secret haven so beautiful embracing your personal taste which feels like its totally yours. For those, who try to steal a few moments from the daily routine to live extraordinary moments and create memories of a lifetime.

5 reasons that will make you stay in Thassos for ever

Thassos , one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, though not quite famous destination exactly.  Which make is it, even more, appealing the idea of spending your vacation there or even relocate permanently, for those who search for unspoiled, traditional  Greek island beauties and authenticity!

Golden Visa Programme


Nowadays, Greece presents unique investment opportunities through business development models that promote its competitive advantages and investment potential in various sectors of production.

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