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4 Reasons THIS property in Thessaloniki will land you a good deal.

4 Reasons THIS property in Thessaloniki will land you a good deal.



How Life in Thassos could Make Betty Draper a better mother

How Life in Thassos Could Make Betty Draper a Better Mother

Betty Draper has been depicted and analysed as being to mothering what cheez-whiz is to cooking. But we are not here to judge a mom. Besides, we actually really like Betty and we don’t think she is a bad mother or a bad person at all. She simply is very stressed and won’t take any crap by no one and no thing! And we believe that this can be fixed.

Where & what to eat in Thassos

Thassian cuisine is inspired from North Greece and is distinguished for the amazingly tasteful dishes. It includes plenty of fresh vegetables, local meat and of course fresh fish and seafood.

There are lots of famous traditional local delicacies, such as octopus balls, veggie-balls, stuffed vegetables, zucchini flowers, pepper-cavage, stuffed vine leafs and mackerel “fur”. Of course, there also plenty of delicious traditional jam sweets, such as the famous local walnut “saragli”.

The timeline of a dream come true: The last delivered tailor made villa of Novalis Terra

Each and every time we create a new home for one of our clients the responsibility and joy for us is enormous. Responsibility because we make one of the biggest dreams of their life and joy for exactly the same reason! 

Rejoice doubly when new owner's dream is certain and he wants to add his own authentic signature at the cottage. It is a road that we like to walk with him til the end. 
Our latest tailor made just completed and one more dream took shape in Olion settlement. Ready to enjoy the timeline of a dream held? 

One day in Olion villas

Olion villas settlement has been conceived and developed for those who love exploring and create their own treasures and precious moments in the life! Especially those who define “treasure” as a secret haven so beautiful embracing your personal taste which feels like its totally yours. For those, who try to steal a few moments from the daily routine to live extraordinary moments and create memories of a lifetime.