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Where & what to eat in Thassos

Where & what to eat in Thassos

Thassian cuisine is inspired from North Greece and is distinguished for the amazingly tasteful dishes. It includes plenty of fresh vegetables, local meat and of course fresh fish and seafood.

There are lots of famous traditional local delicacies, such as octopus balls, veggie-balls, stuffed vegetables, zucchini flowers, pepper-cavage, stuffed vine leafs and mackerel “fur”. Of course, there also plenty of delicious traditional jam sweets, such as the famous local walnut “saragli”.

The visitor of Thassos can taste the best of the local gastronomy in a variety of restaurants and taverns all across the island. Among these, we recommend:

Symi Taverna

In a picturesque location in the old harbor of limenas, among beautiful lights lays the traditional “Symi” tavern.

Visit them to taste the exceptional local cuisine with simple but very tasteful dishes with lots of “meze”, salads and extraordinary desserts.   All recipes are held out exceptionally, as the fresh ingredients mixed with “meraki” and great quality make a real statement.

Symi is open during the whole of the year and is always ready to welcome and host her guests in the best way.

Traditional restaurant Kazaviti

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For those who prefer a taste of the mountains of Thassos, the traditional restaurant Kazaviti is definitely the place. Located in the paved square of the homonymous village, under the perennial platan trees which make a real oasis.

In this traditional restaurant you can enjoy dishes cooked with local meat and vegetables grown in the owners’ garden. The menu includes  rotisserie meats, such as lamb, kokoretsi, kontosouvli and pork shank, as well as grilled meats. You can also taste traditional recipes such as bean soup, baked beans, Ceviche, chicken flimaria, moussaka, sarmadakia, pitarakia, stuffed zucchini flowers and many more!

à la carte gourmet restaurant  «Lagoon»

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In an idyllic landscape over the pool of Iliomare  Resort  and in front of the waterfalls, the lovers of gourmet cuisine can enjoy fresh sea food, international delicate cuisine and handmade desserts, all prepared with fresh ingredients of exceptional quality under the supervision of the hotel's chef.

Moreover, it has an exceptional cellar with awarded and select wines from the vineyards of Greece, as well as a corner dedicated to cigar aficionados with choice selections from across the world. The "Lagoon" restaurant is the ideal place for a romantic date, to enjoy dinner under the stars.

Greek  Fish Tavern "Armeno"

" Armeno "is considered one of the best fish restaurants on the island, where you will find amazing fresh fish. Located in the local Skala Maries, literally on the sea! Relax in the island atmosphere and let the owner and the friendly staff to recommend the best dishes of the day, and pamper you, as they know best. At the end of the meal, they will offer you fresh fruit and traditional pastries.

Relax and experience the ultimate gastronomic experience!

In Thassos you will find countless restaurants to live the ultimate culinary and hospitality experience, while enjoying the sea and the green areas of the island.

What is your favorite restaurant in Thassos?

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