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The timeline of a dream come true: The last delivered tailor made villa of Novalis Terra


Each and every time we create a new home for one of our clients the responsibility and joy for us is enormous. Responsibility because we make one of the biggest dreams of their life and joy for exactly the same reason! 

Rejoice doubly when new owner's dream is certain and he wants to add his own authentic signature at the cottage. It is a road that we like to walk with him til the end. 
Our latest tailor made just completed and one more dream took shape in Olion settlement. Ready to enjoy the timeline of a dream held? 


The first and perhaps most important step of the creation was the initial discussions with the new owners to recognize their needs, desires and expectations of their new residence.

According to their requirements and with the help of our partners architects designed a two storey villa of 100 sq.m. with three bedrooms and a garden of 1300 sq.m.


After the plans were approved by the client we started without any delays the construction.


As each and every villa of Novalis Terra , this one as well was made with the highest construction & development standards.


Naturally, both outside and inside the villa was used only the best and most luxurious materials, such as the famous white marble of Thassos.


Wooden details added at various points, giving a sense of "warmth" in the modern design and harmonizing the aesthetics of the Villa with the external environment.


To our client’s demand for the decoration of the new residence in Olion, we used our experienced team of decorators, so that all areas are highlighted and exploited to the maximum.


All the materials chosen by our client under our help and guidance are of excellent quality and from the best brands. 


In accordance to the personal taste of the owner, the areas were decorated in earth tones that play with contrasts of vivid colors. 


The bathrooms and the kitchen dressed with Italian tiles of high quality and modern design. 


As all the bedrooms reflect the taste of the owners, satisfying their desire for full of sunlight areas, simple and with finesse spaces that will be filled with dreams and romantic moments.


The living room along with the kitchen and the dining room on the same space were outfitted with all the necessary appliances, which as always  are the latest technology and A energy class, and were of course decorated with taste & “meraki”.


The final outcome was a lovely space and minimal but who has all the facilities and amenities and is able to accommodate the new family and beloved ones in their most beautiful moments of their life!


Of course, great importance was given to the exterior of the home as well, where the whole family spends a lot of time relaxing.


For once more a dream comes true. We wish with all our heart to the new owners of this Tailor Made villa in Olion to fill their new house with moments of joy and happiness!


If you also wish for a dream holiday home in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are always ready and willing to discuss how we can build from scratch your own ideal summer house that will bear its very own authentic signature! 


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