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One day in Olion villas

One day in Olion villas

Olion villas settlement has been conceived and developed for those who love exploring and create their own treasures and precious moments in the life! Especially those who define “treasure” as a secret haven so beautiful embracing your personal taste which feels like its totally yours. For those, who try to steal a few moments from the daily routine to live extraordinary moments and create memories of a lifetime.

It is exactly the same treasure hunting which is enchanting to us as well. The reason why we created Olion villas complex in Skala Rachoni of Thassos in a walking distance to the sandy beach of the area, in a verdant Olive grove of 25 acres with trees bigger than 500 years old. In this little paradise, each and every day can fulfill your wishes and deliver the most wonderful memories and happy moments you would like to save like a treasure!

Tennis and football courts provide you quality time with friends and family for exercising in a verdant environment which contributes to your welfare.

The common swimming pool area, along with the private pool each villa provides, have been created for delivering unique moments of serenity. so relax by the pool and enjoy memorable sunsets with a unique view.

One day at olion

Each owner on its own can enjoy simultaneously paramount privacy, isolated in its very own little heaven of their own house which is delivered according to their personal taste and needs.

On your private garden, someone can enjoy from the sunrise till late at night the company of his beloved ones or just the quietness of being by yourself! The fully equipped Barbeque  offers another perspective for fun and joyful moments with your family enjoying among others all the beautiful flavors of Greece!

The ergonomic design of each villa, highest aesthetics and tailor-made interiors, along with the entire equipment of a household we provide, deliver a cozy and empty canvas which will be enriched with your very own colorful moments in the settlement, even if you just want to hang out and do nothing!

Of course, any thoughts you might have spending your time in your villa in Olion our concierge services are always here to support!

One day at olion

Fill your life with valueable memories.

Each and every day at the settlement is another opportunity to explore a new secret treasure in Olion, a new path that will become your favorite. A  private corner where you exclusively enjoy the company of a book. Your favorite time of the day which shapes in unique colors of the sunset so that can enjoy relaxing from your very own patio.  A hot cup of coffee sharing with your beloved ones on Christmas, by the fireplace. A whole bunch of different opportunities to spend quality time with your family, either playing tennis or relaxing by your private swimming pool. Or even creating bonds and friendships enjoying a drink by the pool with the rest of the owners.

Explore Olion villas and indulge yourself each and every day creating your own priceless myths and treasures for you and your family & friends!

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