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A new Tailor-Made villa from heaven!

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos

For those whose standards are not… “standard”, we create tailor-made homes.

Tailor-made homes are real dream homes with every little detail and wish of their owner embedded in the decoration, the location, the colors, fabrics, and soul of the new building.


Our latest tailor-made villa

Our latest tailor-made villa by the beach has just been recently completed, and it marks a totally new era for Novalis Terra.

It was inspired by the wish of its new owners to live in their own paradise minutes away from the sea.

There, where the sound of the waves and the sea breeze is normality.

There, where elegance ties up with comfort in a unique way.

And where friends and family, finally find their own familiar spot to come together from every part of the world, and leave anything stressful behind.

Our latest tailor-made villa was inspired by heaven.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present you our new tailor-made villa by the beach:


Enjoy Caeli Villa!

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos


The setting of Dassilio Prino that surrounds Caeli Villa captivates the visitor with a unique combination of rich flora with pine trees, impressive mountains and one of the best beaches on the island.

Skala Prinos, the near by village, is a traditional and beautiful fish village with the second main port of Thassos with daily scheduled timetables to Kavala.

Next to the harbor, there is also the careenage where traditional wooden crafts are created and repaired. Hence, while the property fully enjoys a sense of privacy, there are many touristic businesses very close to socialize and enjoy the authentic Thassial lifestyle.

In Caeli Villa indoors blend harmoniously with the indoors in every possible corner and man co-exists with nature in peace, in a space that is made with the highest construction standards, environmentally friendly practices and commitment to perfection.

The property has a total area of 160 sqm and features:

Large living and kitchen area with large windows everywhere.

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos


Storage room, stylish and unique handpicked furniture, as well as cutting-edge appliances.

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos


One master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet, additionally to another two bedrooms.

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos


Special coatings, and a large private garden.

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos


Private pool, outdoor bar, outdoor shower area and much more!

Tailor made villa in Dassilio Prinou Thassos


Are you ready to make your paradise a reality too?

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