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 Legea: a siren you’ll want to surrender to

Legea Villas Sea View

 Legea: a siren you’ll want to surrender to

Greek mythology has it that Thassos was the island of the Sirens, the three dangerous and evil women-like creatures who lured male travelers with their beautiful voices. Their heady song was the trap to capture the travelers and devour them. Even the resourceful Odysseus would not have been able to break away from their spell, if his sailors hadn’t tied him on the mast.

These mythical creatures who mastered the game of enchantment, voluntarily surrendered to the beauty of Thassos, with the golden beaches, picturesque coves, crystal clear waters, olive groves, dense forests, rivers, small waterfalls, and some of the most magical sunsets and breathtaking views one can ever see. 

And so did we, when we first encountered the sunset at Skalla Kallirachi’s hill that creates a unique combination of colours every single evening, the amazing views of the Aegean Sea and Mount Athos, and the fresh Mediterranean breeze that touched our skin and our soul. We were lured just like the sirens and could not resist making this place an enchanting home.

Skalla Kallirachis Thassos view

The idea of a new settlement of residences was born at that spot, and the project of LEGEA RESIDENCES, inspired by Legea, the siren with the most intoxicating voice, begun. 

Legea Villas sea view


Elegance, comfort, privacy and breathtaking sea views. 

Elegance, comfort and privacy and breathtaking views are the main points around which the five residences of the LEGEA settlement were designed, in a place where man and nature co-exist in harmony.

Legea Villas night view


Legea Residences are not for everyone; Legea residences are for the few and selected who love the bohemian style and wish to live according to the genuine Mediterranean lifestyle, who seek for tranquillity and simplicity but are not willing to sacrifice comfort and fine luxury.

Our Legeas are surely the ones that you will want to surrender to!

LegeaVillas sea view


Legea Residences at a glance

Legea Villa sperspective


  • Unique sea views
  • Infinity edge pool
  • 3-4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Fireplace
  • Heating and cooling air conditioning of maximum performance and low energy consumption
  • Spacious, ergonomic and fully equipped kitchen
  • The most modern and complete residential and technological equipment
  • Unique furniture made of the finest materials
  • Walk-in closet
  • Storage
  • Cement mortar applications
  • Large terraces
  • Pergolas
  • Italian tiles
  • Barbeque
  • Private garden with independent watering
  • Smart lighting architecture
  • Large windows for unlimited light and panoramic views over all areas
Legea Villas indoors

Will you be one of the few?

At the current stage of development, there are only two Legea residences available for sale.  

If you are interested in owning a Legea Residence please contact us now and benefit from special prices, as well as opportunities to make unique customizations at the designs.

Legea Villas sea view




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