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How Life in Thassos could Make Betty Draper a better mother

How Life in Thassos Could Make Betty Draper a Better Mother

How Life in Thassos Could Make Betty Draper a Better Mother

Betty Draper has been depicted and analysed as being to mothering what cheez-whiz is to cooking. But we are not here to judge a mom. Besides, we actually really like Betty and we don’t think she is a bad mother or a bad person at all. She simply is very stressed and won’t take any crap by no one and no thing! And we believe that this can be fixed.

There is too much theory on what has sculpted Betty’s personality and mothering style; impelled by her own mother’s psychological abuse and the pressure of the American dream, she became the full of anxiety, depressed and lonely wife of a psychologically scarred man, the sole housekeeper of her home and the mother of three, that we’ve met in Mad Men. She took on that role, when all she wanted was to be a model and a woman who dares to be herself. Betty appears to have pushed her wants aside.

And while living in Thassos could not do much to prevent the reasons why Betty Draper became a “bad mother”, we do believe that it could help her to become a better one down the road.


With outdoor activities

Exercise alone boosts endorphins, the hormones of happiness. Add nature and you have an excellent relief mix. Exercising outdoors can improve self-esteem, reduce tension and help us manage the negative feelings of increased stress, according to research.

Thassos has too much of amazing flora and fauna, crystal clear waters and some rich history and culture to explore. All of that combined with the island’s temperate climate gives to its inhabitants the chance to do plenty of outdoor activities throughout the year, such as swimming, diving and all kinds of water sports, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, boating, hiking, cycling, walking, agrotourism, 4X4 routes and many other.
With so much to do in Thassos, there shouldn’t be a moment for you to get bored – unless you want it. And perhaps Betty Draper would have more responses to give to her son Bobby than the infamous ‟Only boring people are bored”.

Kayaking in Thassos

So living in Thassos would give Betty many options for outdoor activities and hobbies that would help her have some fun and feel better, like horse riding, which we are sure she’d make an everyday habit.

Betty Draper horse riding in Mad Men

Bird watching could also be a good choice for her, since spending time around birds has provenly positive effects on bad mood.
Just don’t threaten to shoot the family’s dog or your pigeons are in danger.

Betty Draper shooting pigeons in Mad Men

Hanging out in nature

Even if you don’t exercise, just absorbing the sunshine reaping off the benefits of vitamin D, breathing a little fresh air, splashing your feet into the sea or just walking barefoot on the grass can make miracles in relieving anxiety and its symptoms. In many cases, having a regular connection with nature can be more therapeutic than hours of talk therapy.

Girl hanging out in nature in Thassos Island Greece

Betty, and the rest of the Draper family, could surely benefit from hanging out in nature and spend some quality time together. Mother earth would work its magic towards releasing the family’s every day tension and help them have some good fun, while bonding.


Betty, like most mothers, has realized how mothering can be extremely lonely, even when having a little person (or three) constantly by your side. This surely can affect a mother’s moods and inevitably her parenting style.

In Thassos there are over 13,000 permanent residents while a large number of visitors come to the island, not only in the summer but through the whole of the year. The residents have also formed several societies based on their common interests, such as arts, sports, etc.

Thassians are known as greatly hospitable and welcoming people who will embrace every new member in the community.

Group of friends hanging out in Thassos island Greece

So, in Thassos Betty wouldn’t have to be all-alone all day, unless she wanted it.

A Great Life in a Great Place.

Mothering alone can be a very stressful and demanding job, which can rarely leave room for taking care of our self and do things that make us happy. But caring for our self evidently makes us better parents.

We really don’t believe that Betty Draper is a natural born bad mother but simply a very stressed woman, trapped into a life that won’t give her the chance to do the things that she loves the most or spend some quality time with herself and her family.

Life in Thassos resembles the Meditarranean and authentic Greek culture, which puts great emphasis in simple living and quality, and getting involved with nature and the sea every day.

In such an environment, tension, anger, irritation and all the symptoms of modern hectic life fade away, so we can all be ourselves and free.
Wouldn’t that be great Don?

Don Draper enjoying nature in Mad Men


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