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A home for the free-spirited

Fishing in Thassos island

A home for the free-spirited 

There are several things that inspire our projects.

The traditional Greek philoxenia, the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle, the traveler souls of the gypsies, the sophisticated minds of the bohemians, the sea and the open sky are some of them. And they all share a common thing; freedom.

Being free is the one element that is never missing from the homes and the communities we are building. But what does “being free”, mean?


True freedom

Freedom can have different meanings to different people, based on what makes them feel themselves.

It can sometimes be related to – and many others confused with - specific things and activities that give us joy, like money, power, intellectual quest etc.

One thing is for sure; freedom needs to be searched through inner exploration and conquered after complete self-mastery.

late night swim before bed. Taken on the island of Thassos, Greece..jpg


True freedom is one aspect that we think is essential for happiness, especially for those who are natural born free spirits.


Our many selves

But the quest for true freedom can be difficult in our daily routine.

Every day and every hour of the day we typically adopt many different roles and “personas” to fit in our surrounding setting. For example, we are the parents of our kids, professionals, neighbors, the visitors of a very posh or a fast food restaurant and so on.

How we adopt different roles in our daily routine


Just picture how differently we behave in every one of these occasions. Which of course can be perfectly fine, because most of the times these are our own choices.

But how liberating can it be to just take the time to freely be our true self? And how can we do it?


Do it like the bohemians….

The bohemians were a group comprised of the poor Parisian artists of the 19th Century and the more affluent ones that disregarded their wealth to engage in a simple existence that predominantly featured an independent and unconventional lifestyle, love for nature and the arts, pursuit of valuable relationships and the adoption a stress free life.


…in Thassos

We are massive fans of this kind of lifestyle as a means for the free-spirited to discover true freedom and reach happiness.

Following our mission, we create the perfect setting to facilitate the bohemian lifestyle in Thassos island, one of the few Greek islands that its authentic character has not been altered by mass tourism and that still remains the perfect place for the “new-age bohemians”, who seek for simplicity but not at the expense of comfort.

Gardening in Olion Settlement's private fruit and veggetable gardens.
Gardening in Olion Settlement's private fruit and veggetable gardens.


Thassos with its laid-back way of life, small taverns, home-grown food, residents and home owners from all over the world, endless flora and crystal clear waters, sports clubs, museums, festivals etc is a wonderful location for this purpose.

tavernas in Limenas Thassos


People who choose to make a home in Thassos are mostly those free-spirited souls who actively seek to embrace an easy Mediterranean lifestyle close to nature, that will allow them to spend quality time with their family and their self. Those who wish to unwind from their numerous daily roles, only when they need to.


Seven Seas Villas by the beach - Astris, Thassos


Because being truly free means to also have options to choose what makes you happy at any particular moment.

Thassos checks this box too, as one can also find here fine restaurants, luxury shops and various modern amenities that add some cosmopolitanism to the place’s bohemian aura.

Apart from this, residents can at any time take a break from the seclusion that an island naturally offers with easy access to the mainland and close proximity to other Greek islands, like Skiathos and Skopelos.

Skiathos is easily accessible from Thassos


One can be free in Thassos because they can totally be themselves.


Thassos: a place to call home

They say that home is not place but a feeling. And for those truly free spirited Thassos can be a great place to call home, because it offers the ideal setting to search and find what makes us happy.

And that’s why it has gathered a great group of modern bohemians that respect life and nature, do not discriminate and devote their lives to growth.

Are you one of them?

Join us!



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