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5 reasons that will make you stay in Thassos for ever


Thassos , one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, though not quite famous destination exactly.  Which make is it, even more, appealing the idea of spending your vacation there or even relocate permanently, for those who search for unspoiled, traditional  Greek island beauties and authenticity!
The inhabitants of Thassos declare they wouldn’t change Thassos for the world, while it is quite common those who spent their holidays once upon a time and they keep coming back again and again, as they fell in love with Thassos. Lots of them as well, proceed in owning a house making  Thassos their homeland or their summer destination. Why? For the following reasons:

1. Greek Authenticity at its very best.

5 λόγοι που θα σε κάνουν να μείνεις στη Θάσο για πάντα

Pretty much everyone knows what to expect when they hear about Greece:

Crystal Turquoise waters, breathtaking sceneries. Authentic Mediterranean, hygiene foods. And a relaxing way of living. But how many times, has someone visited Greece, dreaming of all the above, only to find out that globalization, and without any control tourism enterprising, combining to the situations that have emerged in the neighbor countries have altered the genuine Greek character, especially in the most famous tourism destinations.

But not in Thassos! Located in the northern Aegean, Thassos is a heaven on earth, where nothing can spoil the authenticity, no matter how hard they try!


2. Plenty of activities all year round.

The island provides lavish flora and fauna, crystal clear waters, rich history and culture, providing plenty of activities 365 days the year!

Nature and Sports lovers visit any time of the year Thassos for swimming , scuba diving, and all kinds of watersports, such as sailing, fishing, spear fishing, boat trips , hiking , and walking routes, horse riding, mountain biking, birdwatching, eco-tourism, 4x4 routes and plenty of others.

For those who prefer arts and culture the list of the available options someone has, departs among others  photography, a reach history to explore, modern archeological museum and monasteries, festivals, painting and photography exhibitions, poetry and theatre nights, concerts and carnival festivities.

Where over than  13.000 residents in the island. Simultaneously, a numerous amount of visitors  come in the island all year round, for the festivals that cultural associations in the island organize.

Thassians famous for their hospitality, they will embrace each and every new member of the community.  So either way you prefer to relax and spend your time, the only thing that will restrict you in Thassos … will be your imagination!

3. Climate.

Thassos climate is mild with the sunshine most days of the year,  cool summers and not so cold winters. While even Hippocrates mentions Thassian weather conditions  in his book “Επιδημίες Α”, where the famous doctor informs us that in Thassos winter feels like spring time.

The yearly average  temperature is 17.2 Celcius, while the summer average temperature doesn’t exceed 24 degrees Celcius.

4. Food.

5 λόγοι που θα σε κάνουν να μείνεις στη Θάσο για πάντα

Thassos culinary tradition and it s famous cuisine, is by itself one very good reason to never leave the island!

The temperate climate and the blessed land grow in abundance fruits, vegetables and the famous Thassian olive  oil, providing raw materials of unique nutrition value for great food.

Local meat and really fresh fish food supplement the menu that the Mediterranean in accordance to  the local cuisine from impeccable snacks and appetizers such as stuffed vegetables,  Pumpkin Flowers, pies and salted mackerel

The unique delicacies accompany by the carefully crafted local wine labels and the exquisite.

5. Easy access all year round.


Contrary to most of the islands, Thassos is really easy accessible through the whole year.

Being only 6 miles away from the mainland, where lots of ferries access the island daily every 45 minutes or less. The visitors can choose either the route from Keramoti- to Limenas. For just 40 minutes route or the ferry from Kavala to Skala Prinos which lasts 75 min respectively.

Even though Thassos doesn't t have its very own airport, it rather close to the International airport of Thessaloniki  (SKG) and the airport of Kavala in Chrysoupoli “ Great Alexander airport” (KVA). Both providing easy access to the island, and fast in combining to the high road Engatia ( E90).

A majestic island, so close to the mainland and the big cities but also in a discriminating way so far away! One and only visit in Thassos is enough to seduce everyone, in the exact same way Serene  Legea did, which chose the island of Thassos to inhabit, as the myth says!

The reasons why some fall in love with Thassos are much more than five actually, but which one will be yours?

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