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4 Reasons THIS property in Thessaloniki will land you a good deal.

ENNEA Apartments - real estate branch by Novalis Terra

4 Reasons THIS property in Thessaloniki will land you a good deal.



Let’s first break the news: just very recently Novalis Terra launched its new real estate branch under the name ENNEA Apartments. The aim is to offer you a unique real estate experience and cherry-picked investment opportunities in Greece.


We are overly excited about this new project and would like to present you with our first amazing apartment, which as always, we have personally modernized and got fully ready to move in or make a profit from.


This newly renovated 60m2 studio apartment in Thessaloniki is ideal for commercial or personal use and is available for sale. We have chosen this particular property because it is a unique investment opportunity that will land an amazing deal for you for the following four reasons:









1.    It is now the best time to buy a property in Greece

Although one could not claim that the Greek economy is currently in its best state, there are significant signs and predictions about its positive growth.


At the same time tourism and international interest about the country is rising, with 30 million international visitors to have visited Greece in 2017.


And while the housing market in Greece isn’t recovering at fast pace and property prices remain very low compared to other European countries, the general improving conditions mean that this will not last for too long.


Thus, for anyone thinking to make a smart property investment in Greece, this could well be the best time to do it!




2. The right location; Thessaloniki.


Thessaloniki is the country’s second largest city, the biggest in North Greece and a place that enjoys great touristic attraction. It’s well connected to other parts of Greece, especially Halkidiki and the Northern Greek islands, while also provides easy access to other countries.

Thessaloniki is one of the most important financial and educational Centers of Southeastern Europe with over one million population and some of the most important Universities and research institutions in the area.

It is also a much-preferred Erasmus destination because the cost of living is low and it gives international students the chance to stay in a city with a multicultural and vibrant lifestyle, with many options for leisure or cultural activities, while easily travel throughout Europe.

The location of this new apartment offered by ENNEA Apartments is right at the heart of the city center, very close to the universities and all main attractions, making it ideal for students, young professionals and tourists.




3.    Have the most reliable partners by your side.

If you decide to buy a property in Greece, you will absolutely need a reliable agent to assist you with legal and tax advice, insurance, dealing with contractors and decorators and so much more.

Novalis Terra with over 10 years experience in the construction, tourism and property markets and with national and international recognition for its customer services and projects, will make a great partner that will help you find the best investment opportunities and handle all the pre and after sale requirements, upon request.


4.    20% Annual Return on Investment.

This speaks for itself; this apartment, like all the properties that Novalis Terra has undertaken throughout the whole process, from choosing the location to their renovation, comes with a guarantee of 20% annual Return on your initial investment.

So what’s the deal?

Take a look below and don’t hesitate to contact us for any other info you need!



60m2 Studio apartment for sale in Thessaloniki.

• 1 Living room

• 2 Bedrooms

• 1 Bathroom

• Fully renovated & equipped Kitchen

• Secure door

• Double glass windows with aluminium frames

• Fully equipped with the latest residential and technological equipment

• Luxury with high-end interior design

• Unique view in an amazing urban setting

• Façade, Corner

• Ready to move in

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