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The 3 traits of a Great Life

The 3 traits of a Great Life

The 3 traits of a Great Life

We have been talking about “the Great Life” since the day we, as a company, started our operation. Living a Great Life became our vision and creating the setting for it became our mission.

But how do you define a “Great Life”?

This definition can be very subjective and can differ from one person to another, due to diverse values, experiences and perspectives.

However, there are some commonly accepted traits, also backed by psychology and research, which we totally agree with.

Here are the 3 most important traits of a Great Life:


1. Friendships

From the early days of humanity, it was realized that Man is a social being, characterized by an instinctive need for affiliation with others.

Many Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle talked about this social quality humans have, which distinguishes them from animals. They all agreed that without meaningful friendships and relationships, true happiness and a completed identity cannot be attained.

Group of kids at Olion Villas Settlement
Group of kids at Olion Villas Settlement


Good friendships can't be bought on the market but they need to be nurtured with trust and shared moments.

This will create strong bonds between people and ultimately happiness.


2. Nature

Close connection to nature is a mega factor for a good life. We say this not only because we love nature but also because of the proven health benefits that it offers.

Skala Prinou, Thassos
Skala Prinou, Thassos


Just being in nature absorbing the sunshine and reaping off the benefits of vitamin D, breathing fresh air, while also be in close proximity to the sea, can make miracles in building and sustaining a good physical and mental health. We have talked more about how living in nature and next to the sea can promote a stress-free existence, increased self-esteem and happiness in our previous articles here and here.

Nevertheless, we are here to state that scientific evidence isn’t necessary. By experience, we know that we can reach happiness and fulfilment every time we watch an amazing sunrise or a magical sunset, every time the sun kisses our skin or the breeze refreshes our body and soul, while we enjoy the company of our friends or our self.


3. Simplicity

The modern way of living surrounds us with so many options and choices to make in our life every day. And that nowadays is an aspect of a great life, right? Think about it twice; how did you feel the last time you had to make a decision over a big array of options, all of them good ones? Did it feel like freedom?

It is proven that the more options we have to choose from, the more ones we also have to drop and equally regret, which can be a good source of stress.

Skala Kallirachi, Legea Residences
Skala Kallirachi, Legea Residences view


Simplicity is an important trait of a Great Life. And by “simplicity” we don’t mean that one should live an outdated lifestyle, without the comforts of the modern life, but one that is close to the Mediterranean way of life, with purity, simple food, friends, close connection to the earth, in a stress free environment.

Minimalism in architecture, Legea Residenes
Minimalism in architecture, Legea Residenes


A Great Life in a Positive Community

The above three traits can make a strong foundation for a Great Life, which we want to be a part of and also offer to whoever dreams about it.

Skala Prinos, Thassos
Skala Prinos, Thassos


The result has so far been the creation of a positive community, in one of the most unspoiled, authentic and safe Greek Islands, where one can find the time and the place to nurture relationships with family and friends, to enjoy nature and benefits from living close to it, while also appreciate simplicity in a safe and comfortable environment. All this, surrounded by people who respect life, different cultures and backgrounds, and at the same time celebrate their differences, while work on finding commonalities.

If you are interested in learning more about our community watch the video here

Fruits and Veggetables Garden, Olion Villas Settlement
Fruits and Vegetables Garden, Olion Villas Settlement


What is your perception of the “good life”?


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